Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rhetoric Wars: Church Marquees

In general I dislike church marquees.  I think that most of the messages on church marquees are so banal that that they should be left off altogether.  Then my attention was drawn to the following use of church marquees: start a battle of words and wits with a cross town church.  If done right, like here, I love it.  HT to Scott McKnight at Jesus Creed.

Round 1: Draw, two unprovable claims
 Round 2: Our lady of the Martyrs, unsubstantiated claim and premature attempt to stop debated by the Presbyterians.
Round 3: Our Lady of Martyrs: levity, Presbyterians, too caught up on this "soul" thing.
Round 4: Our Lady of Martyrs: Levity, Presbyterians, What?
Round 5: Our lady of Martyrs: How do you come back from that>  At least the Catholics still have a sense of humor.